Movers Alliance Certified

Good Practice Mover

Movers Alliance Management is a joint venture of professional movers and administrative experts in the moving industry offering relocation services as an accountable and reliable team. Our affiliation of movers are under contract to meet a very strict set of good practice guidelines to maintain a high quality reputation.

All movers associated with Movers Alliance have a proven track record of being reliable, trustworthy and professional. Any breach of the terms of their agreement will result in termination from the alliance, this assures you the customer a professional and quality service.

We understand selecting a mover to relocate your cherished belongings can be a very difficult task to embark upon. There are characters in the moving industry that give all movers a less than satisfactory reputation and it is our goal to change this reputation by educating the general public with some good practice guideline.

Moving tips

  • Use a company that has been in business for a while or that can offer you references, which you should call.
  • Ask – Is your potential mover fully & commercially insured? Make sure you understand how much insurance the carrier has and what it covers. You may need to purchase extra insurance to protect your possessions.
  • Make sure that you get any verbal promises IN WRITING. Make sure the contract specifies the rate, billable charges, dates & times of your move.
  • Ask – Are the mover’s employees covered under WCB? If the Mover’s doeshave up to date WCB coverage for his or her employees you could be held liable should someone get injured while working on your property.
  • Ask – How many furniture blankets/pads does the mover’s truck carry? These furniture blankets/pads are critical in having your belongings make the move with little to no damages. FYI – A 5-Ton truck should have no less than 80 pads & a 1-Ton should have no less than 40 pads and these blankets/pads should be used on each and every job.
  • Ask – Is your potential mover an Owner/Operator and is he always on the job? An owner/operator with a vested interest generally produces a far better end result than a crew of hired employees.
  • Ask – Does your mover provide floor protection for your floors while doing the move? Floor runners provide protection for your carpets and hardwood flooring from staining or scratching and could save you many dollars in costly repairs.
  • Ask – How experienced is the moving crew? A moving crew that has worked together with experience behind them can make all the difference in the billable time and the success of your move. Be aware, some moving company’s hire help from temporary employment agencies, with NO experience.
  • Ask – About the payment method? Does the mover accept credit cards & provide you with a bill of lading? If your potential mover requires cash only, there may be no record of your move should you need to follow up on any issues created.

More Moving Tips

What our clients are saying about us

Inderpal P

My wife and I have used numerous moving companies in the past and have never had better service than with Dale at Top Notch Movers. Very professional, polite, efficient and honest. Cares about your possessions and you!!! Highly recommend this company

Karen E

These guys are super professional, efficient and careful with your possessions! I would highly recommend Alberta Top Notch Movers

Mary & Ron M

Again, we had to move from one province back to our old province…what do we Dale at Top Notch Movers and as before excellent service. Very same type of move, nothing damaged, broken, cracked etc. Arrived on time for move and arrived on time to our destination. The entire crew were very professional and helpful in every way possible. Thanks guys for a job well done. We would highly recommend them